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BluChip is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company with a proven history of providing innovative web and mobile solutions to clients across the country. We specialize in harnessing large volumes of data and streamlining processes across a variety of cross-functional areas.

BluChip Advantage

BluChip provides a contact center product suite that includes Cloud based telephony and enterprise software solutions for the tele-center industries and any industry that reaches out to customers via the telephone.

BluChip provides an alternative to purchasing systems outright that require periodic version updates, hidden maintenance fees, and limited scalability. Its software suite integrates a telephony cloud-based solution that is industry indigenous. The software is customizable and can be equipped with key regulatory controls to ensure compliance.

BluChip’s flagship CRM product brought power, flexibility, and leading-edge capabilities to large and medium–sized ARM enterprises. Offered in either a cloud-hosted (SaaS) model or a traditional on-premise model, this CRM was the most flexible and powerful ARM solution on the market, providing unparalleled ease-of-use for end-users and exceptional functional power for managers.

Software as a Service

BluChip will customize the capabilities of this software to become a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system tailored to manage professionals across many industries, including medical, student loan, accounts receivables, mortgages, and any industry that involves sales.

One of the major differentiating factors about BluChip’s software solutions is they are based on the foundation of a leading-edge software architecture that is forged using advanced methodologies that enable:


BluChip’s solutions can successfully manage the largest enterprise requirements with respect to both data and user volume.


Our software solutions can be delivered to any device in any context.


Built into the DNA of the architecture, our focus on extensibility enables rapid, cost-effective customization as well as easy integration with other technologies.


BluChip’s state-of-the-art architectural design, the Distributed Object Framework (DOF), is comprised of lightweight objects that employ multiple layers of the most current encryption methods. BluChip has never experienced a data breach and has never been successfully hacked and conforms to the most stringent security requirements including HIPAA and HITRUST.


All of BluChip’s software solutions support over 100 languages with the API ability to detect languages.

Software as a Solution

BluChip, is a highly extensible CRM solution that enables rapid integration of other enabling technologies, methodologies, and processes.

Advantages of BluChip’s solutions include:

The ability to rapidly change and customize the solution to conform to specialized business processes without impacting upgrade path.

The ability to deliver software solutions to any device.

Bluchip is the most flexible and extensible enterprise-level solution and can readily scale to the most demanding enterprise requirements.

BluChip provides unparalleled product satisfaction by emphasizing our approach to treating customers as partners to ensure that they maintain a competitive advantage through technological innovation.

BluChip runs on existing infrastructures, can be delivered to any device, and while offering a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

BluChip offers end-users a set of functionalities that incorporates many “best practices” for telemedical operations.

BluChip enables deep integration and partnering opportunities with other technologies and services including information service providers, letter/email vendors, payment processors, automated negotiation platforms, bankruptcy services, debt settlement services, and more.

Telephony & Dialer Software Technology

BluChip is a leading telecommunications company, offering connectivity solutions including, VOIP, VFax, Conferencing, VCR – Call Recording, and Speech Analytics.

Their wide range of products allow businesses to communicate seamlessly with their clients using a whole host of devices. These include Business IP Phones, Conference Room Phones, Headsets and Receptionist Consoles. The integrative advantages for these services give us a unique advantage in building and maintaining superior quality tele-centers.

The CTI Module also provides users with “Click-to-Dial” functionality, which allows agents to simply click on the client’s telephone number to have their handset go off-hook and automatically complete the call. For both inbound and outbound CTI Module call services, it notates that a call was made and adds a note history to the account to help serve as an effective component to meeting compliance requirements.

Call Queueing Systems

Queues are an informative, easy-to-manage system that keep callers informed of their placement in line while helping staff to stay organized and successful during the busiest of operating hours.

Call Recording & Monitoring

Call recording and monitoring provide you with superior data analytics and allow for improved customer service.

Multi-Location Integration

BluChip specializes in multiple location phone systems that are flexible, mobile and reliable. This feature allows employees to communicate seamlessly regardless of location, multi-location integration sets BluChip’s phone system apart from others.

Redundancy & Failover Services

By adding a second Internet connection at the office, BluChip can automate the company’s voice services to automatically failover in the event of an issue with their primary carrier.

Remote Office/Teleworker

A centralized reception center consolidates all calls into a single location, allowing on-the-go workers to communicate while reception staff attends to the office.

VFax – Fax to Email

BluChip’s VFax service allows customers to send and receive faxes via email.

Connectivity Solutions

BluChip helps businesses increase their connectivity and enjoy the fastest, most reliable business communication services regardless of server traffic. By maximizing the existing connection, or selecting new services based the business’ specific needs, they can enjoy consistent, reliable telecommunication connectivity from anywhere.

Call Reporting & Wallboard

Designed to provide your business with powerful, real-time reporting capabilities, BluChip’s call reporting and wallboard features give you a bigger picture of what is happening on your call center floor.

Software Integration

BluChip, a leader in cloud-based communication services, launched the CTI Module, which integrates BluChip’s cloud-based telephone system with any CRM and tele-center software platform. The integration allows subscribers to be notified upon answering an inbound call and automatically pops the client’s account on the user’s desktop as the telephone call is answered.

Speech Analytics

In today’s world of data acquisition, the value of methodologies to recognize and utilize patterns in the information is a truly valuable commodity. BluChip’s software offers not only the ability to acquire critical data but uses powerful algorithms to assess important patterns and build databases to house data points for future use in client productivity and growth.

BluChip’s software takes phone call recordings and provides complete and accurate transcriptions of every call separated by speaker. Using cloud-based storage, businesses can have instant access to up to a year’s worth of archived calls, without having to purchase or maintain any additional hardware.

With BluChip’s Speech Analytics technology businesses have access to built-in sentiment tools to tell if a customer experience was positive or negative, the ability to search data like google for any key word or phrases and agent and Customer Score Cards allow for analyzing all of calls to pick up on trends and categorize these calls.

Powerfully Affordable Call Recording & Speech Analytics Solutions

With access to an automated transcription of 100% of the audio, businesses can tap into a goldmine of data that enables powerful features such as:

Review more calls, faster.

Pinpoint problem areas for agents and implement training to improve performance, fast.

Get a detailed understanding of why customers are calling and improve service.

Analyze and solve problems in business processes between departments.

Data analytics to improve stratifications.

Medical data mining for faster delivery to our clients.

Evaluation of stored data to enhance and understand trends and patterns.

Identify which sales tactics are working and which ones are losing customers.

Cut costs by improving both agent efficiency and customer experience if they only have to call once it reduces the workload.

Get access to immediate feedback from customers after a new product launch.

Improve customer loyalty and retention.

About Us

BluChip is located in Tonawanda, NY and operated by John Chebat,  BluChip was founded in 2018 for the benefit of holding proprietary IPs on all privately-owned software developed over a period of twenty years.

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